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You can order one via this form. Looking for more MilkTaps to buy please contact us for special business rates. Send an e-mail with your request to and let us know your ideas. Leave your contact details and we will come back to you asap.

Buying a MilkTap online will be followed by an invoice. As soon as your payment is visible on our account the shipment of your MilkTap(s) will be done by track & trace. To assure a fast delivery, please fill out your correct details, that saves time. We are happy to assist you with placing your order or answer all your questions.

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MilkTap, thecold milk dispensing unit (480x420x200mm)

€ 2350,00 excluding tax

Fridge (7 Litre)

Waeco undercounter fridge including hole (420x500x280mm)

€ 195,00 excluding tax

MilkTap Cleaner

180 days / 6 months package: 5000 ml.

€ 154,80 excluding tax

Install & delivery

In the Netherlands we can deliver and install the MilkTap for you.

€ 185,00 excluding tax

Shipment of your milktap will be arranged and costs are excluding the total price of the order. Costs for shipping depends on the desired time to receive your goods and of course the location. After receiving your order we will provide you with an offer for the shipment. When you prefer to pick up the goods at our workshop, please let us know.